Carlisle Castle

Carlisle Castle is situated near the ruins of Hadrian’s Wall. Standing proud in the city it has dominated for nine centuries, Carlisle Castle remained a working fortress until well within living memory. It has withstood many sieges, held captive a royal prisoner, and been home to the King’s Own Royal Border Regiment.

It was built on the site of a Roman fort that had once supported the garrison of Hadrian’s Wall. In fact, it was started by William II of England in the late eleventh century. However, it was finished by David I of Scotland. The castle served as an important fortress and saw action during the Anglo-Scottish wars, the Civil War and the 1745 Jacobite rebellion.

Hugely Impressive and formidable, Carlisle Castle amply repays exploration of its absorbing 900-year history. Long commanding the especially turbulent western end of the Anglo-Scottish border, Carlisle has witness many conflicts and sieges. Nowadays, the castle remains one of the city’s best known and most loved attractions.

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